what to do to very smooth concrete patio to make it rough and not slippery

DWQA QuestionsCategory: DIY Projectswhat to do to very smooth concrete patio to make it rough and not slippery
Denise Levi asked 5 years ago
the house we purchased has a very smooth concrete patio and sidewalk. They didn't add any sand or anything to rough it up. It is dangerous to walk on when the least little bit damp or wet - even the dogs slide and slip on it. Is there anything I can do to it to rough it up and give some texture so it is safer for all of us?
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now4dw Staff answered 5 years ago
Hi Denise. You haven't mentioned your location but there are two economical solutions I can offer. The first is paving paint. Raw concrete can be 'dressed up' very easily with paving paint. The paint comes in many colours and is available with and without grit. If you can't find the 'with grit' type, add your own by mixing a fine, clean sand. If you want to keep the concrete look, mix Bondcrete (https://www.bondall.com/concrete-additives/bondcrete/) or a similar product with 90% water and fine grit. The Bondcrete is very long lasting, seals the surface to prevent future staining and will lock in the grit.  The downside is that it will also lock in any existing staining/marks. As a final word of caution, don't go too heavy on the grit. Team OBN
Dave answered 5 years ago
Score it with a Concrete Saw. Maybe write my name.
olivia answered 5 years ago
Buy clear spray paint and paint a small section then sprinkle play ground sand on the paint and repeat until finished.
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